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SNOW SALE - New 2024 additions 20-30% Off!
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Magma Meteor Steamer Front Zip 5.4.3 - Black

SKU 579098
by Manera

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Infos & Characteristics

The MAGMA 5.4.3mm is the weapon of choice if you want to spend the whole winter in the water. It is the suit our cold water team is using in Iceland, Vancouver or Sweden.
The Magma is built for the cold and windy winter days.
The Magma+ is one of the best material out there: not only its fleece works as an effective insulator and heat generator, but it is manufactured to be extremely flexible to keep even the thickest suit very stretchy. In addition, it dries 30% faster than a classic fleece, you’ll never have to put on a wet wetsuit again.It is the wetsuit of your choice if you don’t want to stay home during winter sessions.


1.Front ZipFast & easy frontzip entry for a maximum comfort while riding.

2.Magma fleece PlusThe new MAGMA+ is from a new generation of thermal materials. Its fleece insulates and keeps you warm even during the worst winter days.

3.SD2 Tape 2.0This new stitching process brings more durability, waterproofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.

4.Back knee embossHelps the neoprene to bend more naturally for greater comfort.

5.Water strainerThe leaky + perforated neoprene drains the water out of your leg instantly.