SNOW SALE - Fresh 2024 additions 40% Off!
SNOW SALE - Fresh 2024 additions 40% Off!
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Martinez Elite Chubbies 99a - 56MM

SKU 578171

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OJ Wheels 56mm, 101a Milton Martinez Elite Pro Chubbies.

OJ's all new Chubbies shapes feature a super-wide riding surface for the best slides, with big round radial edges that make getting on-and-off of curbs, ledges, and edges effortless.

They're Wide, Round, and Plump!

Elite WAY TOO FAST Urethane! Flying out the lab to the streets and beyond, Elite Urethane guarantees more speed, a longer lasting roll, and hands down epic times with your crew.

All OJ skateboard wheels are sold as sets of 4.

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